About Us

International Shipping and Freight Forwarding Company Rahian Tarabar Atlas is one of the dynamic and leading companies in the international transportation of goods and services in Iran in all ports and airports of the country with active branches. The RTA co is a pioneer company in providing modern transportation services in Iran based on world-wide standards, which utilizes a series of experienced experts in the transportation industry to relentlessly enhance its ambitious goals, most notably Customer Satisfaction is working. The main approach of this company is to providing high quality services based on the latest standards of the transportation industry in the world and using the latest achievements of this industry in the most economical and reliable way possible. The company recognizes the importance of information in the era of communications and information explosions, and aims to collect, review and update its information using new technologies.

جلال محمد پور

Jalal Mohammadpour

Founder and owner


هادی نوبهاری

Hadi nobahari